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A fire star raced across the winter sky, causing quite a stir among us. The younger ones were afraid and ran to their mothers. I did not fear the wild streak, as I once had in my youth. I dropped my head and gave thanks for a long and good life lived here by the Maury River and in these blue mountains. I gave thanks, too, for the friends who
have stood beside me through these many years.

When I was still a colt, I saw a fire star with such a fury that it scared me greatly. I thought it was coming straight for me. I raced to the corner of our field and, unable to find my dam, became filled with an anxiety so invasive that I began to breathe too fast and thus found no breath at all. But I was in no danger. My dam came to me. She wrapped me in her neck and I was no longer afraid.

My dam explained that when a horse of great beauty or wisdom enters the world, a star reserved especially for that horse tears across the night sky announcing the new arrival. Dam told me that we should not fear the fire stars; instead we should drop our heads and say a word of thanks for life's many blessings.

Chancey book signings

As you might imagine, a Chancey book signing is no ordinary event! Here are some photos from recent signings:

Albert at Narnia in Richmond, VirginiaAlbert meets fans at Narnia Bookstore in Richmond, VA

Dale and Misto at Wild Rumpus Bookstore in Minneapolis, MNDale and Misto at Wild Rumpus Bookstore in Minneapolis, MN

misto pooped in the storeYes that's poo -- Misto felt so relaxed and happy that she pooped in the store. I hardly noticed because my house, my car, and every pair of shoes I own (even my high heels because even in heels I can't help but run up to Albert's stall and smooch him up!) smells like horse poo and old dog; that made me feel right at home!

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